BuddyBall – Partner of East Bay Youth Athletics and the East Bay Bucs.
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BuddyBall.org was established in 2013 as a non-for-profit organization. The funds that are raised each year go to an amazing group of young athletes. We fully support a local organized sport group for special needs children that is a division of a national sports league called the Challenger Division. The Challenger Division was established in 1989 as a separate division of Little League & Pop Warner to enable boys and girls with physical and mental challenges, ages 5-18, or up to age 22 if still enrolled in high school, to enjoy the game of baseball along with the millions of other children who participate in this sport worldwide. Today, more than 30,000 children participate in more than 900 Challenger Divisions worldwide.
The money that we raise goes to purchase things such as equipment for the kids, trophies, mvp medals for each game, snacks with buddies at end of the game, field maintenance, admission into the fields, and social/educational outings throughout the year for the families. Some of the trips we have taken include Legoland, Universal Studios, petting farms, golfing and the Buccaneers game with our families.


In Fall 2013, we kicked off our initial football/cheerleading season with the South Shore Longhorns. From there, the Challenger Division has partnered with the East Bay Buccaneers to allow children with special needs to participate in flag football/cheerleading. We play six games on Saturday mornings in the fall.


We will begin our spring baseball games soon and were proud to support over 70 families at East Bay Youth Athletics. Teams are set up according to abilities and age and can include as many as 15-20 players. In a Challenger game, each player gets a chance to bat. Babe Ruth recommends that no score be kept during Challenger games. The Challenger players wear the same uniforms, shoulder patches and safety equipment as other Little League players. One of the benefits of having a Challenger Division is that it encourages the use of “buddies” for the Challenger players. The buddies assist the Challenger players on the field, but whenever possible, encourage the players to bat and make plays themselves. However, the buddy is always nearby to help out. Our buddies have become a real part of the children’s lives. The players look forward to seeing, playing the game and having a snack with their buddy after the game. It is really a wonderful partnership. Our regular season is eight games between March and June on Saturday mornings at 9 am. We look forward to having you come out and support us.